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Cindy Conklin


“Moving to Hawai’i in 1992 liberated my art and shocked me into a new plane of awareness of the outrageous beauty, interconnectedness and magic of the natural world.  The luxury of creating art on a daily basis still seemsl new to me.  I know that the productivity, creativity and happiness I feel  shows in my work.  New ideas beckon to me as I move around these amazing islands.  Hawai’i is such a visually rich environment with brilliant colors year round, ideal for my preferred subjects: reef life and flowers, landscapes and patterns, while a more muted subtle palette is applied to my series of the hula kahiko, petroglyphs, textile designs, and then there are all the inspired spin offs of these main directions which keep leading me into new expression.  The latest of these is a series of mixed media collages which focus on color and texture incorporating watercolors, handmade papers, acrylic paints, metallic leafs, beads and all manner of other interesting additions.  This series is appropriately called Drenched.

I like to flit from image to image and from medium to medium in a completely nonlinear way.  My favorite materials involve scratchboard, watercolor, collage, acrylics and mixed media.  Works in various stages of completion compete for my attention and time in a ceaseless flow of creative energy.”

Conklin’s original art and reproductions are available in galleries and shops throughout Hawai’i.  Her designs have been licensed to Island Heritage Publishing Corporation, Maui Ocean Center, Crazy Shirts, Hawaiian Resources, Tropical J’s, Quiet Storm Records and Maui Goose, Ltd.   Conklin has work is in the collections of the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Holiday Inn Corporation, Aloha Oil Company and private collections worldwide.  Reproductions of her most recent series inspired by  kapa have been used in many Hawaiian hotels including the Trump Tower Waikiki, the King Kamehameha Hotel, the Maui Prince, the Moana Surfrider, and the Island Colony.

Member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society, Honolulu Printmakers Workshop, Volcano Art Center.

BA Art History and Studio Art, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

MA Art History, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Advanced study in Art, Massachusetts College of Art and the School of the Museum     

     of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Art instructor in Massachusetts and Georgia

Creativity in Different Media

"Being lucky enough to be an artist in Hawaii has had a profound influence on my choice of subject matter.  The freedom to explore many different media and directions has made my creative life a joy." 

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